Forum post copyright

I’ve posted something to a forum, and one of its moderators took the liberty of combining my post with another I made, and deleting parts of it. This changes the original intent and context of the post entirely, and all subsequent replies don’t make any sort of sense anymore. And all this without any kind of feedback.
I wonder, don’t I hold somesort of copyright to the text I write on forums, even though they’re public?

I’ve put a signature in my profile for that particular forum, which goes like this:

This forum post is provided as-is. Moderators are granted the privilege of editing this post if it doesn’t comply to forum rules, but only for that purpose. Combining with other posts or editing parts (especially those which later have been replied to), thus changing context, is only allowed after informing me, the copyright holder of this particular post. (Parts of) this post may be quoted by others in any way, shape or form they see fit.

If a moderator does edit this forum post, without informing me as the original poster of his or her intentions, the moderator implicitly assumes full responsibility for the entire contents of this post.

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