Multiple page blogs

I’m reading a fair number of blogs by now. And every time I add one to my blog roll, I try to at least skim through the previous posts in it. And if one’s particularly interesting, like this one, then I tend to read all posts. Yeah, I’m weird like that.

There’s one thing that annoys me though, people who write a lot of posts tend to spread them out over multiple pages…except it’s not obvious there *are* multiple pages. That means somewhere halfway through the archive I have to discover that I missed about 75% of the posts because there were 4 pages instead of just one. Just a tip: move the navigation links to next pages to the top, and make them stand out. Why on top? Because I read chronologically, thus down to top. To get to the navigation links (when I actually noticed them!), I have to scroll all the way down again. Thanks.
That said, I better check my own layout too, except I doubt anyone would care enough either way.

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