Source request from SMC

Being unable to locate any sources for the firmware for my SMC WSKP100 Wifi Skype phone, I sent the following request through their web based contact form:

I’ve bought the WiFi Skype handset, and I’ve come to the discovery that it runs Linux and some other software which is licensed under the GNU General Public License. As per the license agreement any binary distribution of GPL licensed software must be accompagnied by the source code, including changes, of all GPL licensed components and derivatives thereof, or a written offer to obtain it.

I hereby request a copy of all (changed) sources of the GPL licensed components as distributed in the firmware of this particular wifi phone, as offered for download at the following URL:

Thank you in advance for your effort.
I’ve analyzed what’s in the Belkin firmware package, and the long and short of it is that it contains a flasher program and two encrypted filesystem images. One called “rootfs10.enc.gary_chen.raw” and one called “optfs10.enc.gary_chen.raw” (this is to believed to contain the Skype program).

Lessee how it goes.

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