Skype Phone

So I ordered a Skype standalone handset. It’s an SMC WSKP100, which connects to Skype with its own WiFi capabilities. Mighty cool stuff. I received it, and it’s receiving its initial 8 hour battery charge now (apparently a requirement). The good news: the thing is based on a TI OMAP1710 (H3) chip, and runs…tadaaa, Linux! Check out this and this. That means it might be hackeable.

Anyway, people have given me some flak about why I chose the (bad, bad, bad) prorietary Skype over (good, good, good) open SIP. Well…I dunno. Skype just has the name of being easy. Lets see how it goes. If it doesn’t work out, I can always try and turn this handset into SIP device with a custom firmware.

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