Software companies actively promoting piracy (and they don’t realize it)

Been a while since last $blog. Oh well, such is life. Either way, I’ve a cold, and I’m frustrated by a certain unnamed software company which develops statistical software. But hey, they’re not the only ones doing this, so…

Anyway, in this case we’ve upgraded to a “new’ version of their software, and with it came a new licensing model. If you’ve ever worked in an environment larger than 10 users, you might have heard the name “Sentinel” before. Joy. Great joy. Really. Not.

Anyway, the story: Like a lot of environments, the environment I work in doesn’t allow regular users to install software. In other words, our users are Domain Users, and nothing more. They don’t need more. Anyway, a concequence of this, is that we have to somehow deploy software to their PC they can use. Alas, we chose to use Active Directory policies to deploy software. This works great as long as the to be deployed software is in MSI form. If it isn’t, we’ll make it so. And while we’re at it, we try to make the software not ask all kinds of hard questions by (pre) configuring things at install time, including the registration of the product with the vendor if required. Alas, problems arise (luckily not too often) when products use a uniquely generated code to generate license request files, to have actual licenses generated by the vendor. This is because the PC where the license is being requested is generally *not* the PC the software will be run on. Anyway, today I have such a case, and the vendor isn’t very flexible nor understanding. Basically the support desk tells me I’m out of luck, and it can’t be fixed either. Unless of course we shell out a lot of cash for a “network” version of their software. Well, fuck you. Let’s see how “out of luck” I am when I find a crack for that Piece of Shit software you sell. I understand why you do this, to battle software piracy and license violations, but damn…you kinda bring it onto yourself this way.

Who needs SPSS anyway?

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