Recovering a file…

Long time no write; but I’m making up for it, promise.

Anyway, today I’ve managed to recover a file from a accidentally formatted drive. After approaching the problem from several angles, I found a very simple tool which did the trick for me: magicrescue. Here’s what happened, and what I did (for future reference):
First the mistake. I have a 3 disk fiberchannel array which obviously consists of SCSI disks. One 72G disk which I use(d) for holding VMware images, and two 18G disks which I use for various data. One for stuff I compile, and the other for digital photos and such. So far so good. Incidentally, I also have one of them USB unclosures for 2.5″ laptop disks, which, when connected to a PC, also shows itself as SCSI disk. Accident waiting to happen, and it did. I wanted to transfer a couple of VMware images from the SCSI disk to the USB based disk, and formatted the disk first. Then I started copying. The copy failed, for some reason, so I gave up at that point. A couple of days later I needed some data of one of the 18G disks, only to discover that I formatted that one instead of the USB disk I intended to use…oops.

Well, not much important stuff was on that 18G disk, except for the digital photos and a spreadsheet I need to use. Obviously, after formatting *and* using that disk my hopes were low to recover those. I meddled about a bit with various techniques (including turning an image of the drive into a VMware disk to use R-Linux on it), and finally found something which worked! Above mentioned “magicrescue”. The spreadsheet is back, but I couldn’t recover any of the digital photos decently. Oh well.

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